Hijacked and euphemistic speed never killed anyone

crash bash smash bump

No accident

I have to get this off my chest so I can begin to get this poorly thought out and highly emotive subject debated with intelligence instead of hormones.

First and foremost, speed does not kill otherwise racing drivers would all be dead, fighter pilots would all be dead and the deadest of all, astronauts wouldn’t be volunteering to go into space.

It is crashing that kills you or anyone you run into and if you don’t crash you won’t die. That said I can see where the supporters of this notion get their idea from but it just doesn’t tell the truth and a “truism” based on a lie leaves a gaping chasm for anyone to drive a coach and horses through. As a little phrase to catch the imagination, “speed kills” sounds pithy and earthy but it does nothing except persuade those who already drive with one foot hovering above the brake pedal that their view of other driver’s abilities to stay on the road is somehow less than theirs is.

The truth is that this simple phrase hides a reality that the government, police and driving organisations don’t wish to face up to i.e. it is nonsense.

Trying to persuade young would-be Lewis Hamiltons to drive responsibly is a futile exercise with no remote chance of succeeding. Teaching responsibility to behave with a social conscience starts a long time before anyone is tall enough to reach the controls of a car let alone conceive the idea of driving one.

Part of every school syllabus should have social responsibility at its core with training in driving including crashing so that people get the knowledge that they are not invincible and their actions have wider implications than having a laugh when the coppers chase you. Taking students on a trail from the scene of a crash to the dead body on a mortuary table would have a profound effect and be more use than lecturing them about being “responsible”.

Like guns, fast cars don’t kill people, it is people who kill people.


Remember, there is no such thing as an accident as far as driving is concerned, only inexperience, incompetence, ineptness, inexpert, imbecilic idiots cause crashes. An accident isn’t anyone’s fault so don’t use it to describe a crash.


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