Why did we ever think the EU was a good idea?

Brexit 1

Time to leave

I suppose the attraction of a single market without tariff barriers and unified export documentation did make sense from a business perspective but then we allowed a good business idea to be run by politicians. A sure fire, bona fide, tried and tested, dyed in the wool recipe for almost instant disaster.

Every time politicians, who absolutely must appoint bureaucratic experts to run the ship, do not appoint the best business brains to have hands on the helm, you know we are headed for the rocks, with or without a lighthouse to guide the way.

The surprise is that it took a while before the light shone on the blindingly obvious inevitability that a bureaucracy laden behemoth couldn’t ever run a tight enough ship to keep it afloat. But enough about our civil service, let’s get back to Brexit. A very smart cookie by the name of Theresa May saw that the only way out of Europe was by taking the bull by the horns before it ran round behind us and thoroughly shafted us. To this end she had talks with everyone in the UK and then, to forestall an endless round of “we should have another referendum“ cries she called for a general election to get a firm mandate for the only exit strategy that makes sense for Britain.

Brexit 2

Run away

Well they didn’t see that coming did they?

Panic set in amongst the high tables of Europe and the wheels started to grind but running scared isn’t a good way to plan or execute and winning strategy so they came up with “The British don’t understand the fundamentals of Brexit negotiation” What????

Hey buddies wise up – there aren’t any fundamentals. This has never happened before. You can’t say there are any fundamentals until this brand sparkling new event has run its course and then you may be able to write something down as a guide for the next country which wants to leave. This was a blatant attempt to frighten British voters away from returning a government who they are thoroughly scared of.

Then there is the French minister who thinks there are more French speakers in the EU than speak English and the latest ramping up of the proposed cost of us leaving the EU.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but when a top company director leaves his post the only thing that makes a difference to his severance package is did he retire, resign or leave by ‘mutual agreement’.  I believe that what we are doing comes under the classification of resignation so I would naturally expect to get less of a golden handshake and other emoluments than if we quietly retired (that never being an option under the Treaty of Rome apparently) and by the behavior of the EU since triggering article 50 they don’t believe that we are owed any leaving benefits.

What no end of term bash? No quick passing around of the hat? No specially designed executive order allowing the pay out to be tax free? Nothing you say but we owe you!!

Well the covers are off and it is plain that leaving the EU could be the best result in line with the will of the people that has happened in recent history. After all, why on earth would anyone want to be run by this bunch of idiots who cannot even understand the fundamentals of negotiation.

Brexit 3



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