Know your road signs

Know your road signs

Today’s idiot prize goes to the monkey who doesn’t know how to interpret the give way signage at a traffic calming slalom.

Slalom sign

I’m not a fan of these as they don’t do anything other than create a temporary disturbance in the force and only encourage drivers to slow down and speed up whilst negotiating them causing more pollution than going at a constant speed.

The car in front was approaching the sign with a large white arrow pointing upwards and a smaller red arrow pointing downwards. This sign means you have the right of way and traffic from the opposite direction must give way to you. A van the other side of the slalom had pulled into a gap between two parked cars but chummy in front either didn’t know what the sign meant or mistakenly thought he didn’t have enough room to pass between the van and the pavement so pulled into the entrance of the street on his left. I took this to be his intended destination and pulled around him only for him to turn back thereby halfway blocking the road at the same time as the van driver set off towards the obstruction which was now going to be me. I had to mount the kerb to give him room and clearly, due his flashing me up, the less educated driver was flashing me as a protest against, presumably, me knowing more about road signs than he did.

Puzzled monkey

I carried on regardless as this ignorance doesn’t warrant my time stopping to instruct people who should not have been awarded the privilege of driving without an instructor beside them. My instruction to him would have been to send his licence back to the DVLA and book a course of driving lessons with a competent instructor who would know when he was sufficiently trained to re-take a test.

© Rick Grain 20th December 2016


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