New driving spot fines

Sadly, this will lead to more court appearances not less. The concept of policemen as judge and jury has long been avoided by not trying out this continental idea. As the current laws stand, although the offences are not new the validity of the premise, e.g. tailgating can be argued in court, but if a driver with little or no experience of judging distance, especially when looking in a mirror, complains that someone is tailgating the court can look at the driving record of the following driver and take that into account. It seems very likely that a policeman would err on the side of the leading driver.
While middle lane hoggers annoy me the concept of “undertaking” is inherently pre-judged by the use of the word. If you are on a motorway or multi lane carriageway minding your own business in the left hand lane and the traffic outside of you slows or even stops you will go past them and in some circumstances slowing or stopping yourself in order not to “undertake” could be very dangerous if you are being followed closely (but not being tailgated) by a HGV. Most drivers will assume that the ebb and flow of traffic in such cases is temporarily allowing differing speeds in different lanes and will carry on, although anyone with half a brain would realise that some of the middle and outer lane drivers will try to change lanes to gain advantage and be more aware of such manoeuvres.
The arguments heard on the Jeremy Vine show this lunchtime for allowing individuals to hog the middle lane were at best spurious (young drivers won’t let us out with our caravan), to downright pig-headed (if I’m doing the speed limit how can I be wrong?) and all were failing in one respect i.e. they can’t drive.
I have been changing lanes on all roads since I learned how to drive and it is not either dangerous or difficult if you drive with more than just your own needs in mind a.d the simple answer is – this is Britain and we drive on the left. If you don’t like it piss off to France where they drive on the right


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